Every year it is a tradition to go on a camping trip over Labor Day weekend. This year it turned into an all boys trip, + me, so we ended up eating Lucky Charm’s for lunch and Cheetos for dinner. In the morning we spent most it fishing beaver ponds, until it started to rain, and my brothers friend took a nose dive into the pond. A tip for any future beaver pond goers, it is a good idea to look where you are stepping, unless you want a nice swim with some brooke trout.

This was the first year we went without a wall tent, so it was also the first year we noticed all the rain. Instead of checking my tent for any rain I decided to avoid the situation and hang out in the truck listening the Walk the Moon and Atlas Genius. Once the rain stopped it was time for a trip to an old mine that processed rhubarb, our dog had plenty of fun traveling around sniffing the old nails and wood.  Apparently my brother’s friend was not deterred from the previous fishing outing, so they continued their hunt for the king fish in other ponds.

We ended the trip with a McDonald’s meal, a solid end to trip full of fish, rain, and many many cheetos.


As Always,
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