A girl in a ger

For ten days this summer I spent my time in a ger. In the middle of nowhere. In Mongolia. Without my newly formed American family of teenagers. Often times I find myself sitting at my desk attempting to get some journaling done amongst my piles (literally) of homework and I think about what my homestay family is doing. Is my host mother making milk tea, with milk that was inside a living thing five minutes prior? Is my host father off herding his sheep with his horse, or maybe motorcycle if he is in a rush?

I regret not getting my host sister’s Facebook, because the one thing that all Mongolians had, wether they were in the city or in the middle of the Gobi desert, was a Facebook. Earlier I was looking through my Mongolia journal, which overtime essentially became a group journal for the trip, with people from my group grabbing it and adding to it whatever they deemed fit (this ended up including stickers from various black markets, odd quotes from members of the group, and numerous inside jokes). Among my homestay journal entries I have an entire page devoted to trying to figure out how to pronounce my host siblings names. I swear there were at least three versions of my sister’s name, and even more for my brother’s. Eventually I decided that I heard the name’s Monko and Dorthjo the most, so that is what I circled in my journal for their names. My homestay was when I wrote the most, from observations to the making of milk tea (which, side note, is not the same as pouring milk into black tea. It involves steamed milk, and sometimes salt and butter. At home when I made this it tasted like water with a hint of tea, I was quite disappointed).

As per usual I have not written in a long time, but I blame it on school, and the fall weather. What can I say, when fall comes around the mountains start calling and my computer doesn’t look that appealing to me. That being said, I will make a consolidated effort to write a post once a week, to help me say that I am an organized individual. With that, I leave you with some photos from Mongolian homestay (more to come).


Drawing (1)


  1. Hi Emma 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment on my ‘about’ page and for following my blog. I’ll be following you back.
    These photos are great, it’s amazing that you had the opportunity to do this trip and capture so many memories of it.
    See you around the blogosphere!
    (PS: I love your name, it’s one of my favorites)

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