Welcome to Urban Life! My name is Emma, and I made this blog to share with the world my thoughts, and I am so glad you are here to read them! I write about places I’ve been, places I want to go, recipes, and lessons I’ve learned all while trying to navigate my way around high school, and life in general.




  1. Your blog is absolutely beautiful. I love your photography…you have a great eye for composition! Thank you for visiting my blog. God bless!!


  2. Hi, Em! 🙂 I really really love your blog and I think you’re seriously inspirational. I also admire you for what you’re doing to help the people in Syria – it’s fantastic.
    I’ve got a question: when you want to sign up for the voting, you apparently have to put a zip code in. What do you put for that? Cause I don’t live in the US 😦

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    1. Oh I am sorry, it did that to me to! If you still want to, you can just google AFS Project Change and then click vote and search for my project which is called “The Ripple Effect”


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